Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves making the breasts larger by placing an implant either under the breast tissue or behind the muscle on which the breast lies. The implant is usually inserted through incisions in the inframammary fold. Incisions may also be made in the armpit or around the areola.

Possible reasons for having a breast augmentation are underdevelopment during puberty, loss of volume after pregnancy, difference in size between the two breasts and loss of breast size after losing weight.

The Breast Augmentation surgery takes place in the modern Spire Little Aston Hospital near Birmingham.

Types of Implants:
A breast implant is made of an outer layer of silicone and may be filled with silicone gel or salt water.

Some implants are round while others are anatomical.

The pros and cons of various types of implants and their sizes will be discussed at the time of consultation

Further information on breast implants.

Postoperative Course:
It is necessary to wear a non-under-wired support bra, worn day and night for 4 weeks and avoid vigorous exercise for the same period.

It is prudent to avoid aspirin/ibuprofen in the pre and postoperative period.

Expectations and Complications: 
Complications of surgery include infection of the wound and slow healing of the wound and bleeding. Most women have some degree of asymmetry between breasts and breast augmentation may occasionally exaggerate this difference.

The capsule which the body normally forms around the implant can become thickened and contracted. The newer designs of implants are textured and reduce the chances of this happening.Significant capsule formation can lead to pain and hardness that may occasionally require surgical intervention. Breast augmentation does not usually interfere with breast feeding.

Breast Augmentation
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